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Vishal Saxena Architect - Hyperspace

Vishal Saxena,
Director & Principal

Architect RAIA (ACT 2456 NSW 11796)
Urban Designer
B. Arch, M.Arch.(Urban Design)

A Canberra based Architect and Urban designer, Vishal has had a career spanning over 24 years and three distinct cultural regions, having lived and worked in cities across South Asia, the Middle-East and Australia.

Some of the notable projects include  ‘The Avenue Hotel’ and 'Deco Hotel'  on Northbourne Avenue, proposed redevelopment of the Pavilion Hotel site on 217 Northbourne as urban renewal projects, Infinity development in Gungahlin, Norwest Business Park redevelopment in Sydney, Al Dana development in Abu Dhabi; numerous other hotels, carparks, hospitals, masterplans etc.

Vishal has led design studios in many major architectural firms till he joined HYPERSPACE with Meetu. Vishal’s strength lies in creating high quality contemporary designs for single and multi-use residential, mixed use commercial , institutional  projects, campuses, child cares, multi storey carparks etc. As a designer Vishal has a breadth of experience and enjoys working on concepts from ground up with simple sketches to engage with clients which eventually through deep engagement translate into striking developments. Vishal has very good existing relationships with clients from all spheres such as private developers, commonwealth/ACT govt., institutions and professional links to local consultants and statutory bodies.

His philosophy regards ‘context’, ‘design process’ and ‘inclusivity for the community' as the three corner stones for achieving positive and enduring design outcomes in an urban continuum. Employing the above principles, Vishal has delivered major projects in numerous cities such as Canberra, Sydney, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Vishal has an abiding interest in place making and urban fabric of our cities and believe that ‘good design’ can create enduring places. A Canberra resident for the last ten years  he endeavours to enrich the story and fabric of Canberra and other 'cities' through great design.


Meetu is a highly qualified and accomplished built environment professional, conservation architect with over 20 years of experience in translating theory to practice in the disciplines of architecture, building conservation, heritage management, urban and strategic planning, and construction technology. Her portfolio  spreads internationally through Australia, UK, United Arab Emirates (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) and India. She has successfully worked in diverse multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary contexts to deliver complex projects.

Trained as an Architect and Planner,  her speciality lies in being able to engage with clients in diverse contexts, translating their requirements into successful built-environment projects. She has demonstrated this repeatedly whether is it working on the or conservation works at the Old Parliament House of Australia, various projects for the Australian National University, the prestigious Central Market Development in Abu Dhabi or Heritage work for UNESCO.

Meetu is a long time Canberra resident who started HYPERSPACE in 2017 to specifically service the need for quality architecture and building design in the city and the region. She has been steadfastly working to build an exciting and diverse portfolio of residential , institutional, planning and heritage projects.

Meetu is also researching Historic Urban Landscapes as part her PhD and through her professional work  is determined to demonstrate that ‘from theory to practice’ can be realised. She passionately believes that everything has a context and 'contextual urbanism' will create enduring urban scapes. 

Meetu has authored several papers in field of conservation and heritage which have been published including on Canberra 1

Meetu has been an active participant for NAWIC, Property Council Of Australia.

Meetu won the Clare Burton Award for Excellence in Equity & Diversity for work with ANU


Meetu Sharma Saxena, Heritage Architect - Hyperspace

Meetu Sharma Saxena, Director
B. Arch, M.Arch (Arch. Conservation)
Grad. Dip Urban Planning 

Shyam K Menon, Associate - Hyperspace

Shyam K Menon, Associate
B. Arch, M.Arch.

Shyam is a graduate architect from University of Canberra and is a very dedicated and passionate professional. Shyam is an Associate with Hyperspace and makes very valuable contribution to the practice at all levels. Shyam is involved in design of various projects right from design to construction drawings. He really enjoys the process of design engagement and always strives to come up with newer and fantastic outcomes.

Shyam has worked in both India and Australia on projects of various types and aims to make his mark in the industry by a wholesome approach to design.

Shyam comes from "Gods Own Country', Kerala India and in his spare time is a cricketer and a fast bowler who can bowl at 130km/hr.

Sarah is a graduate from University of Canberra and is involved in design of various projects with Hyperspace
Sarah has a very meticulous and through approach to design. She is keenly interested to develop design and design delivery techniques employing latest software platforms to help both presentation and expression of designs produced by Hyperspace

Sarah Duck - Hyperspace

Sarah Duck, Project Coordinator

BBE Architecture

Suhruth Chaitanya - Hyperspace.jpg

Suhruth Chaitanya ,
Consulting BIM Specialist
Graduate Architect

B. Arch, 

Suhruth is a graduate architect from SRM Institute in India.
Suhruth consults with  Hyperspace  for BIM Management of our work along with design and of various projects. Suhruth approaches his work with great attention to detail and thoroughness, displaying a strong desire to cultivate design expression, uphold quality standards, and present designs utilizing Hyperspace

Suhruth has also worked on projects in Sydney and  he continually strives to create better design experience for our clients though ever expanding expression through BIM for Hyperspace. 

Andre is an architectural graduate from Philippines and is involved in design of various projects with Hyperspace . Andre is an experienced professional having worked for several years in Singapore and Philippines in construction, architectural drawing, coordination, interior design, project management, and landscaping.

Andre brings his experience in both design and co-ordination of complex projects to Hyperspace having worked with large firms like DP Architects, AEP Consultants in Singapore .

Andre Selda.jpg

Andre Selda ,
Project Co ordinator

B. Arch, 

Prithvi Saxena - Hyperspace

Prithvi Saxena, Heritage Professional

Student B. Arts (ANU)

Prithvi works as a research professional with Hyperspace, specializing in heritage projects.
Prithvi is a student at the Australian National University (ANU), where he is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and Classics. Known for his meticulousness and analytical mindset.

Prithvi consistently employs a methodical approach in his work, guaranteeing meticulousness and precision in his research pursuits with Hyperspace

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