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06 May 2023
Exciting new mixed use development designed by Hyperspace Architecture has been approved in the heart of Mitchell industrial area.
This proposal for a brand new showroom and community centre is a great example of how high quality architecture with mixed uses can enliven urban industrial areas. By combining community spaces, a showroom, and a warehouse, this facility will remain active even after business hours and on weekends. This is a huge win for the neighbourhood, which will benefit from a safer and more sustainable development.
We can't wait to see this project come to life and watch as it helps to transform the urbanscape of Mitchell. Stay tuned for updates on the progress! 
05 MAY 2023

Hyperspace celebrating one year in the new Braddon office over a team meeting, jokes and some sea food at exciting new fish food eatery Trident in Sol . What an exciting year it has been with lots of project designed, approved and under construction.

01 Mar 2022

Thanks to all panel and project members for a fantastic discussion on HC Coombs Building Refurbishment project ANU as part of Heritage Festival ACT which is a great example of renewing a very significant landmark building for the city of Canberra and Australian National University . The project proves that with a great team, vision and perseverance we can successfully reinvent an existing building resource for a truly sustainable outcome from all perspectives

01 Feb  2023

Hyperspace designed beautiful residence in Taylor sold recently for a record price

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