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Resources on Architecture and Interior Design : Frequently asked questions on design process and planning approvals in Canberra, ACT

All the information you require to lodge a developement Application in Canberra ACT  with ACTPLA is located here

A common question - How to find interior design and architecture firms near me : This is the list of all the architects who are registered with ACT government and allowed to practice in ACT
We strongly recommend to work with only architects for all your design needs big or small

If you want to find what your neighbour is building in Canberra - You can put you find and put in comments to a DA lodged with ACTPLA here

How to I plan for my renovation by  researching, 
Finding an architect, / interior designer or a builder, approval process

Hyperspace Architecture talks about: Green architecture and sustainable principles for house design/architecture  including passive design, green roofs, data-driven design, and affordability measures, and discuss how these strategies can contribute to creating a sustainable home and greener future for us all 

If you are looking for design ideas Hyperspace Architecture has prepared a list of sites and links which will help you with architecture and interior design for your home or any multi unit residential design

Check out these links below




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