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Hyperspace Architecture delivers high end contemporary and  sustainable design solutions for the built environment. We specialises in architecture, interior design, renovations, planning, heritage management and conservation, master-planning, and urban design.
Hyperspace is a A+ Architectural Practice of the Australian Institute of Architects and a Registered provider of above services with the ACT Government and NSW Government.
Hyperspace is also an approved Design and Building Practitioner in NSW with permission to design to unlimited height (low, medium and high rises).

We work in following sectors :

- Single residences : new house designs , knockdowns and rebuilds and renovations
- Interior Design : residential and commercial projects
- Dual occupancies 
- Multi-dwelling : apartments and townhouses
- Schools and education spaces
- Childcare centres 
- Heritage conservation 
- Industrial buildings
- Commercial offices
- Showrooms and retail
- Master planning and urban design of precincts

Hyperspace architecture can lodge DA (development applications) for all types of projects and obtain development approvals in Canberra in ACT and councils in NSW and have an excellent track record in achieving great outcomes for our clients.

Hyperspace Story

Hyperspace was formally launched 2017 in Canberra, but it really began in 2000 when Meetu Sharma Saxena and Vishal Saxena founders of Hyperspace entered the professional world of Architecture. The journey which culminated in formation of the firm evolved with their experience through three countries India, U.A.E and Australia, since 2009. Through this time both the directors worked on and led high value, prestigious projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. These projects required often innovative design solutions and complex stake holder engagement. Through this time, they honed their skills working with of some of the best architectural firms and consultants form all over the world.

Hyperspace has today expanded into a very enthusiastic studio of seven and growing, who are continually innovating to deliver ever exciting projects in the region.

Hyperspace - Best Architects in Canberra  

Hyperspace is a unique architectural practice which offers end to end and complete suite of services from project feasibility to full planning advice to architecture and interior design.
Hyperspace Architecture are the best architects in canberra. Our designs are backed by deep knowledge of buildability and construction technology of how the buildings are to be put together in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our designs are underpinned by a comprehensive study and response to site conditions which is backed by a cutting edge and contemporary design philosophy. Hyperspace are the best interior designers in canberra for residential and commercial design who have a unique way in which we conceive and deliver our designs.

Hyperspace leadership team has over fifty years of combined experience across all full cycle of project design and delivery and that forms the basis of the claim and ability to deliver across such a large scope. 

Hyperspace thus, seeks to break barriers in terms how design is  conceptualized and delivered across the various disciplines.

We believe that true meaning and opportunity of a project/space can only be realised when we can seek and develop harmonious connections across the various disciplines that a project must be sieved through to realise its maximum potential.

Then the space in question becomes not just any space but a – Hyperspace.

Contextual Urbanism

The idea of contextual urbanism is rooted in the belief that that every projects demands that we pursue tailored solutions which are set to address the requirement of our clients and to be able to unlock unique opportunities that every site presents. We like to interrogate new ideas with every project in terms of design, planning, use of materials and how we evolve a solution in partnership with our clients.
This is what makes our practice a stand out.

Acknowledgement of Country

Hyperspace acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first architects who worked on this beautiful land and as the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.
We acknowledge that our Canberra studio is on Ngunnawal land, the traditional custodians of the Canberra region. 

Sustainability and civic responsibility

Sustainability forms the basis of our practice and belief system. As Heritage Architects with who specialize in preserving the historical significance and cultural value of buildings, our unwavering commitment is to ensure that these invaluable assets are safeguarded for future generations. In line with this ethos, we consistently prioritize the renovation or extension of existing structures over demolition, whenever feasible. We are often called to conserve  buildings which helps to extend life of buildings giving them new and unique meaning for the coming generations. At Hyperspace we are also trained planners and urban designers and we believe our approach of 'Contextual Urbanism' guides us in how we design a buildings, which over time  make a great tapestry which we call cities.​

Registrations and Memberships

Hyperspace trades under the name of :
Hyperspace Designs Pty Ltd  ATF Hyperspace TPMV Trust
ABN 69 667 248 084

Hyperspace maintains memberships with various industry bodies and agencies

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